Rider Profile: Tom

When we think of transit, we think of different things. Some people think buses. Others think of subway systems. No matter the image that comes to mind, we think of people moving. This week’s profile is from a rider that moves through Raleigh each day to get between two of our moderate sized communities. Like many of our profile participants, Tom takes time on the bus to relax, but sees ways our system can be improved.


Name: Tom Franklin

Town you live in: Garner


How often do you ride transit?    Monday – Friday

Where do you ride to/from?     Garner to Chapel Hill (and back)

Why do you choose transit?  UNC offered a free Go Pass to people interested in taking the bus instead of driving

– What do you like best? The ability to take a nap before and after work; not having to deal with stop and go beltway traffic.  The professionalism and friendliness of the TTA drivers and staff

– Any downfalls?  The lack of communication between the different bus/transit companies servicing the Triangle area (CAT and TTA).  The lack of (promised) wifi on buses. The lack of convenient daytime (work hours) service from Chapel Hill to Raleigh/Garner.

If transit wasn’t available what would you do? Would others be impacted? I would need to buy a second car and start driving to work again. This would financially impact both myself and my wife.
If rapid transit were available (rail or bus) how would it change the way you move through the community?  I would definitely take rapid transit to and from Chapel Hill if it was available.

Have you read the Expanded Transit Choices Report? No.
Anything else you would like to add?  I urge TTA and CAT to revisit the Garner 102 route and transfer the day-to-day operation of the 102 route back to TTA.


Connections between transit systems is important, as is timing. Feedback like this will help the Wake Transit Partners to develop a recommended transit plan for the region. Please share your thoughts by completing a survey. All of the feedback will be reviewed and considered as the plan is developed.


Would you like to share your transit story? Contact Sarah Williamson-Baker at sarah.williamson@wakegov.com