A 10 Year Strategy

The Wake County Transit Strategy is being developed for a 10 year time-frame. Many people are asking why. Here’s an excerpt from the Expanded Choices report that explains.

The 10 year timeframe – used for the purposes of sketching the four alternatives — was chosen for two key reasons:

  • Very long-range plans can sometimes seem excessively remote, and difficult for the public to connect their current daily lives to. A decade was selected as a time frame which provides for the opportunity to exercise a degree of long-term vision, but which is likely to still feel immediate and recognizable for people in Wake County. 
  • 10 years is probably enough time, given a successful and aggressive approach to application for federal funding, to build a major infrastructure project such as those shown in each alternative. 

It is important to note that the plan would be phased in over many years. Some improvements will occur within a few years and others will be closer to or during the tenth year.

Building on the ten year plan developed through this process the final Wake County investment strategy will also identify further investments that can be made after the first phase.  Future studies and future decision-makers can modify these later investments as needed to react to how individuals and the market respond to the first phase of investment.

The expanded choices report goes into even greater detail on infrastructure needs, funding and other variable that will be considered within the ten year period. You can read all about the 10 year approach starting on Expanded Choices Report.

After you take a look at the report, be sure to tell us what you think. Your input will help shape the future of Wake County.