Advisory Committee Meets Again

The Transit Advisory Committee (TAC) will meet Thursday, October 22, 2015, to provide direction for the development of a single draft transit plan.

As you will recall, the TAC is a group of 72 community members, created by the Transit Strategy funding partners. The goals and vision generated by the committee have been used to frame the plan components presented to the public.

At this meeting the group will hear responses and reaction to the four example options presented to the public in May 2015. The example options were specifically developed to allow the community to provide input on the trade-offs that exist in transit investment. The Transit Advisory Committee will provide the direction for the development of a single draft plan specifically addressing the amount of investment focused on infrastructure, transit service, high frequency routes and express routes.

The TAC is led by the Transit Strategy consultant team Jarrett Walker and Associates and Kimley Horn.

All interested parties are invited to attend all or a portion of the meeting and observe the work of the TAC. Consultants and staff will be available to answer observer questions during breaks and TAC activities.