Common Questions

The Wake County Transit Strategy partners have been working together behind the scenes for several months. As we are moving ahead in the strategic process and beginning to engage the community, we want to introduce all the partners and answer some of the most common questions about the strategic process.

What is the “New Process”?

  • Transit consultants Jarrett Walker and Kimley Horn have been hired to review previous work produced by local planning staff and facilitate the creation of a community vision for transit in Wake County.
  • This new effort will have two major initiatives– public outreach and public education about the various trade-offs to be made when investing in transit.
  • The process should take approximately seven months.
  • The new vision will be shared with the public and evaluated by the Wake County Commission, Triangle Transit and CAMPO (Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization).

What will the new vision include?

  • A potential plan for new and enhanced transit services throughout Wake County and the Region could include increased bus service, rail and other modes.
  • Identify major travel corridors for further study and investment in the short longer term.
  • Present a decision making structure of how future transit investments can be made when more information is available

What about the “old plan?”

  • A draft plan was put together by staff from Wake County, Triangle Transit, CAMPO, and many other area stakeholders.
  • The draft plan is now out of date and needs to be updated with new information and a fresh approach.