Friday Questions: Land Use and Vehicle Use

This Friday we have just two questions. Both have come up frequently as we’ve been out and about in the community.


1. How do the alternatives mesh with land use?
The two ridership alternatives (both Bus Rapid Transit and Rail Rapid Transit) serve the densest parts of the County with higher frequency service, where it is assumed that ridership would be highest. The two coverage scenarios serve a wider area of the County with lower frequency service, where it is assumed that while ridership may be lower, more citizens throughout the County would have access to transit.

All four alternatives provide service on the corridor between Research Triangle Park and downtown Raleigh, where planning for transit-oriented development (generally higher density residential and mixed use development) has occurred. All scenarios also provide some level of service between many of the outlying towns in the County, where a lot of lower-density housing is located, and Raleigh and/or Cary.


2. How do the various options impact private vehicle use? Bus lanes v. general use lanes?
At this time, it is hard to say for certain how the various options could impact private vehicle use. The rail transit lines in the Rail Rapid Transit (RRT) scenarios should not have much of an impact on private vehicle use, since the transit lines would be within the existing railroad corridors; however there may be some impact at existing at-grade crossings due to the higher frequency of trains in the corridor.

The proposed bus corridors in all four scenarios may include some conversion of existing general use lanes to bus lanes, particularly along the Bus Rapid Transit corridors in the two BRT scenarios, but that would be determined once the plan is adopted. If the final adopted scenario includes a BRT corridor, part of the planning and permitting for any BRT corridor would include an evaluation of the impact of converting any existing general use lanes to bus lanes, and that impact could be required to be mitigated.


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