Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Work Plan

1. Connect Regionally ✓ | 2. Connect All Wake County Communities ✓
3. Frequent, Reliable Urban Mobility ✓ | 4. Enhanced Access to Transit ✓

The 2018 Adopted Wake Transit Work Plan allocates the funds expected to be received from July 2017 through June 2018. This will be the first full year of tax collection.

The work plan focuses on increasing regional bus connections, increasing weekend and evening local bus service and supporting the Wake TRACS system.

The work plan includes services that can be implemented without additional bus purchases. Future bus service improvements will be made each year as funding and supporting items such as new buses become available.

The work plan outlines planning efforts and studies that will bring new bus service and facilities, bus rapid transit corridors and the commuter rail corridor from a vision to a reality.

Capital costs associated with the work plan are divided between four categories: capital planning, vehicles, bus infrastructure and reserve for future projects.

Per the Wake Transit Governance Agreement, the Transit Planning Advisory Committee makes a recommendation to the CAMPO Executive Board and the GoTriangle Board of Trustees to adopt the annual Wake Transit Work Plans, including the FY 2018 Wake Transit Work Plan. The CAMPO Executive Board provided opportunities for additional in-person public comment on the FY 2018 Recommended Wake Transit Work Plan on May 17, 2017, and June 21, 2017. The GoTriangle Board of Trustees provided opportunities for additional in-person public comment on June 28, 2017. The CAMPO Executive Board approved the TPAC-recommended FY 2018 Work Plan on June 21, 2017. The GoTriangle Board of Trustees approved the TPAC–recommended FY 2018 Wake Transit Work Plan on June 28, 2017. Opportunities to provide additional comments on the TPAC-recommended Wake Transit Work Plan for the 2018 fiscal year were provided in person to CAMPO’s Executive Board and GoTriangle’s Board of Trustees on the aforementioned respective public hearing dates.

Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Work Plan

The FY17 budget allocates the funds received from April 2017 through June 2017. Tax collection from the vote in November began April 1, 2017.