GoTriangle Videos Give Inside Look at BRT and CRT

The Wake County Transit Plan is designed to better connect our growing community and enhance how we get to work, school, medical appointments and other key destinations. While the plan includes an increase in bus service throughout the county, it also includes two projects that would bring new transit options to our area.

The Wake County Transit Plan, if funded, introduces Commuter Rail Transit (CRT) and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to the region, and incorporates new and existing bus service to complement these options.  This November, the half-cent sales tax referendum will be on the ballot. The sales tax is the primary funding source for implementing the transit plan.

Many places across the country have already invested in similar interconnected, regional transit networks that use a combination of bus, bus rapid transit, commuter rail and other modes, all working together.

In a pair of recently published videos, posted below, GoTriangle takes us for a ride on the Bus Rapid Transit and Commuter Rail lines in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area to show what both look like in other cities. The videos also introduce us to Michael London and Shaun Simmons Smith, two commuters who rely on these modes of transportation every day.  London and Simmons Smith both credit the frequency, speed and reliability of BRT and commuter rail in making their commutes easier and stress-free.

As a community growing by approximately 64 people per day, Wake County is one of the fastest growing areas in the nation. We’ve worked with local stakeholders to develop a transit plan that will fit the needs of our community.