Kick-Off Meeting Survey Results

Thank you to all those who provided input on what topics we should cover at the Transit Strategy Kick-Off! Here are the survey results.

Survey Results

We also had more than 70 additional questions come in. We are taking a look at all those and will have information in response to many of these this evening. Here is a quick sampling.

  • How will Wake County include obvious needs for county transit such as connecting the airport, downtown Raleigh, NCSU and RTP to other regional destinations such as downtown Durham, Duke Hospital, downtown Chapel Hill and UNC?
  • What would be the economic costs and benefits for Wake County?
  • How can college students in the Triangle area benefit heavily with the transit service?
  • … is transit improving the quality of the pedestrian experience (not to mention the health) so that we can get out of our cars and delightfully walk and ride everywhere we go?
  • How will expanded transit options serve the growing senior population – many of whom will need to give up personal automobiles?
  • Fast internet service, chargeable ports, comfortable and clean waiting areas at transit hubs.
  • What portion of the enhanced transit plan will be funded by local tax dollars affecting non-transit users vs user pay fees?

Remember, the Transit Strategy Kick-Off starts at 6 p.m. at the Raleigh Convention Center, Ballroom C. Free parking will be available in the Wake County Parking Deck.