More Friday Questions

Last Friday we responded to a few of the most frequently asked questions from the regional Choose Our Transit events. This week we have a few more questions (and answers). If you have a question, please send it our way!


Will all the buses be the non-polluting hybrid?
We have not determined what types of buses will be used. The decision about what type of buses to purchase will be based on purchase cost, maintenance cost and the service being run as we move into the next phase of the project. It is worth noting that all new buses must meet stringent pollution requirements. Hybrid vehicles are currently more expensive the traditional diesel vehicles and current hybrid vehicles (because of the heavy weight of a transit vehicle) only provide significant pollution benefits on low speed, frequent stop routes.

Will bus stops be improved with roofs and better seats?, Can you ensure there is at minimum a bench at every bus stop before you go high tech?, For all scenarios, will stops have shelters? Very important to make riders comfortable.
Bus stops for the Bus Rapid Transit service will be platforms with shelters and have pre-board payment and fare collection equipment. Bus stop shelter, benches, trash receptacles, bike racks, etc. for local bus service improvements will be determined by each transit system, so they may vary throughout our community.

Typically, stops that have a higher per day usage are at a higher priority for determining if shelters or benches are required. With the expected increase in the number of passenger trips as more frequent and improved bus service becomes available, it is highly likely that a large number of stops will have improved passenger amenities.


Will wheelchairs be able to roll onto rail, BRT, bus? What about walkers?
All transit service will comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) laws. It is expected that all BRT stations will have level boarding for ease with those passengers in wheelchairs, mobility devices, and walkers.

So this would replace all existing service in Cary? No service to SAS or Weston Parkway? Will CTran Center remain in the four scenarios?
In all of the scenarios, SAS, Weston Parkway, and Regency Park are all included in Cary’s bus service scenarios. The Depot or an area close to the Depot will remain the primary hub for C-Tran.