Preview of Choose Our Transit

The first of the Choose Our Transit events is just a few hours away. It will be brochure coverthe first public opportunity to review the four Transit Plan Options that have been developed for Wake County and, more importantly, the beginning of a new round of public feedback.

The four plans that will be unveiled this evening contrast each other and will help our community continue to discuss the choices and trade offs that we must make for the future. The goal is not to choose one of the alternatives, but to take the best of two or more options and combine them into a plan that will meet the needs of our entire community well into the future.

The feedback from this phase will lead us to a final plan later this fall.

If you are attending the event tonight and want to go green and view the brochure electronically, it is available below.

Choose Our Transit Handout

If you cannot join us tonight, there are several other opportunities to help Choose Our Transit later this week and throughout the summer. Check the Meetings page for up-to-date events information.