Rider Profile: Kathy

It’s Wednesday, and we have another rider profile to share. This week we are hearing from Kathy who lives in Fuquay-Varina. She uses transit to get to the community center and to run errands.

Name: Kathy Cox

Town you live in: Fuquay Varina

Twitter handle: Sorry, I don’t do twitter or any other social media

How often do you ride transit? Monday through Friday

Where do you ride to/from? Fuquay Varina Community Center and sometimes the Hilltop Food Lion Plaza in Fuquay Varina, if I have errands to run at the north end of town.

Why do you choose transit? Riding the bus gives me almost 2 hours of personal time. I read a book, write letters and even pay bills during the ride. I enjoy starting and ending my work day without the stress of driving in rush hour traffic.

– What do you like best? The personal time to gear up and unwind from the work day.

– Any downfalls? Schedule delays due to faulty equipment or lack of drivers. We have lost several riders because they just don’t feel like the service is dependable. Consistent on-time routes have to be a priority for bus transit or folks will simply get back into their cars to get to work on time and leave on time.

If transit wasn’t available what would you do? Would others be impacted? I would return to a van or carpool.

If rapid transit were available (rail or bus) how would it change the way you move through the community? It would entirely depend on where the terminal locations were. I would try to use it as much as possible.

Have you read the Expanded Transit Choices Report? Yes, I have.

What is something you learned from the report that you didn’t know before? The issue of how to balance ridership versus coverage. I am all about coverage for Wake County and the Triangle.

Anything else you would like to add? I very much appreciate the efforts being made by all the municipalities and transit authorities in Wake County and the Triangle to come up with transit solutions. In the short term I do think buses, that run consistent on-time schedules, and bus lanes could get more cars off the road quickly. Thanks for letting me participate.


Glad to have you participate Kathy!