Rider Profiles: Meet Deborah Smith

Debbie Smith
Deborah Smith uses transit to get to from Youngsville to work in Raleigh.

Many people in our community do not know anyone who uses the local transit network. We would like to help people get to know more about who uses transit, why they use transit and how it works for them. Today we are starting a series of profiles, each one completed by a rider, to help others learn more about transit and those who use transit regularly.

Name: Deborah Smith

Town you live in: Youngsville

How often do you ride transit? Monday through Friday

Where do you ride to/from?  Wake Forest Park and Ride

Why do you choose transit? I am free to read, chat with co-riders, snooze, review work items, as well as save wear and tear on my vehicle and my nerves (traffic) and save on gas money.

– What do you like best? I leave the driving to someone else.

– Any downfalls? Yes. Not all drivers log into the transloc application timely fashion.  As a rider, I utilize this tool to track the whereabouts of my bus so I can arrive in a timely fashion to the bus stop – not too early or too late.

If transit wasn’t available what would you do? Would others be impacted?  I am fortunate, I am able to drive to work, however, I wouldn’t want to.  Others that ride the bus with me are not that fortunate and could loose their employment without this service.

If rapid transit were available (rail or bus) how would it change the way you move through the community? I would definitely use the service for errands and commuting to and from work during the week as I do now.

Have you ready the Expanded Transit Choices Report?  No. I viewed the summary video.

What is something you learned from the report that you didn’t know before? Not necessarily, however, I did learn you all are looking to and planning for the future and that is a good thing.

Anything else you would like to add?   I believe this service could be of great benefit to all in the community.  But first, the stigmas associated with public transportation need to be addressed.


Are you a transit rider or know someone who is? We are looking for more people to profile. Email sarah.williamson@wakegov.com for more information on this project!