Next Steps

What happens next with the plan?

The next step is to hold a voter referendum on the Transit Plan’s major funding mechanism, which is a half-cent sales tax. The referendum will be included on the November 8, 2016, general election ballot. For more information on voting, visit Wake County Board of Elections at

Who will be in charge of implementing and running this plan?

A draft Interlocal Agreement has been developed by staff between Wake County, CAMPO and GoTriangle. This covers many areas, including deciding how the money will be spent, how the routes will be configured and how decisions will be made about changes once data are collected and evaluated (for instance, evaluating ridership numbers once routes have been in place for a while). Essentially, a governance plan makes sure the right people with the needed expertise and experience are in the room when decisions need to be made. The governing boards mentioned above also will need to enter into a formal agreement regarding governance, which will define roles, responsibilities and cost sharing for individual projects as they are pursued.