Wake County Transit Plan Referendum on 2016 General Election Ballot

transit-votingIn the 2016 General Election, voters will see a referendum on their ballot for a one-half percent (1/2%) local sales tax increase to partially fund public transportation systems.

This additional tax, along with local, state, and federal dollars, as well as farebox revenue, will fund the implementation of the Wake County Transit Plan. Local funding would also include increased vehicle registration fees. 

The Wake County Transit Plan is estimated to cost about $2.3 billion to build and implement over its first 10 years of operation.

The goals of the plan are to:

  • Connect the region;
  • Connect all Wake County communities;
  • Create frequent, reliable urban mobility; and
  • Enhance access to transit.

The Wake County Board of Elections has educational resources available online for voters. You can view your ballot for the Nov. 8 election, find your polling location and check your voter registration information.

If you have any questions regarding election processes and procedures, please contact the Board of Elections at 919-856-6240.