What is the Wake County Transit Advisory Committee?

The Transit Advisory Committee was created by the Wake County Transit Strategy partners to develop a broad vision and goals for transit investment in the County. The goals and vision generated by the committee will be used to develop the transit system scenarios for the larger community to consider and comment on. Because the committee plays this key role, the consultant, the County and our partners wanted it to be reflective of the community make-up and wanted it to be tied into the community as much as possible.

Formation of the Committee

To achieve the representation goal for the Transit Advisory Committee’s make-up, each municipality and agency was allotted a specific number of seats and asked to appoint members to fill these slots. To ensure high level geographically diverse involvement, we asked each municipality and agency to appoint a member from its decision-making board. The municipalities and agencies were asked to consider business and non-profit leaders, community advocates, transit riders, and neighborhood leaders for the other slots.

Committee Diversity

N.C. State University and the smaller colleges and universities in the County were asked to appoint student members, and other agencies were included to ensure that the perspectives and concerns of the disabled were considered. Once the appointments from the municipalities and agencies were completed, the County added several additional members to fill any representation gaps.

The Transit Advisory Committee, partly because of its make-up and more importantly because of the members’ commitment and willingness to serve, is ready to be asked the challenging questions on transit investment and is ready to set the direction for scenarios that the community will critique and comment on later this year.